Hey, I'm Jeff! 👋

Here's some of my work!

But first, a little about me

I'm a product designer, husband, and new dad in San Francisco. I love cocktails, cats, boba, and playing Super Smash Bros. I've spent the past 7 years designing products and building design culture at early stage startups. My forte is eCommerce, payments, and eSports.


Bolt is a payments company in the FinTech space. As their first full-time design hire, I led the design and UX of Bolt Checkout, taking it from alpha to launch. I also designed Bolt's first merchant dashboard and consumer dashboard, amongst other things.

Part of the process: Clickable prototypes

As part of the design process, I like to create clickable prototypes of the UI. This is valuable at all phases of the design process, from simple UX flows to final polished UI. These clickable prototypes allow stakeholders to really get a good idea of how the product or feature is going to look and feel, allowing them to provide good design feedback, all before a single line of code is written.


Smash.gg is an eSports platform that elevates eSports communities. As a competitive gamer who has run tournaments in the past, I joined smash.gg as their first full-time design hire. I led the design of numerous products across smash.gg's wide feature set.


Hey thanks for stopping by! This was a small snapshot of my work over the years. If you'd like to see more, or just want to chat, shoot me a message at kamjeff@gmail.com

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